After years of working and studying, Santiago Zambrana, 22 year old designer who just finished Art School, creates his first Haute Couture collection: BLOM, which, in less than a year, has appeared in twelve magazines such as Vogue, L'Officiel, Kluid and Gmaro; as well as three runway shows, winning the first prize for best collection at MalagaCrea 2020 and being finalist at Estepona de Moda 2020.


« I believe in a strong, powerful and unique woman. A woman that enjoys fashion and doesn't want to be just another one. In my made-to-measure work, the number one priority is for the client to be confident and believe in herself. »

Backstage MálagaCrea 2020


Santiago Zambrana's design.

     After a long artistic introspective process, this collection was born out of the bond between historical fashion, current haute couture and a deep study about orchids, lilies and other wild flowers that created the collection's volumes and color palette.

     Corsetry, theatrical volumes, bright colors and, in general, a dramatic vision, merges with those other concepts to create unique pieces design and made all by himself.

     The result is the perfect definition of Santiago Zambrana style, a fashion collection that sets the tone and opens the door to all future creative projects inside the world of fashion.


«Also, my brand is made as slow fashion: limited pieces, quality fabrics, unique patterns and durable sewing. »

Backstage MálagaCrea 2020

In all his designs, Haute Couture or made-to-measure, historical fashion references, corsetry and haute couture techniques are always present; always playing with new arquitechtonic volumes in order to brig that dramatic look to the design and make it special.